Test Utilities

To assist with validating the customer experience of a Leap Connect flow as well as testing the Connect API and Meters API integrations, Leap provides the demo and test utilities outlined below.


Testing in Production

In order to test connect and meter statuses in production, a real meter (e.g. employee or friendly customer meter) will have to be used. However, as noted below, the demo utility can be used to validate the final redirect URL.

Demo Utility

During pre-launch testing, a demo utility can be added in order to see the flow through to completion and validate the final redirect URL including any custom URL parameters that you included in the original link.

Demo utility usage:

  • Ask your account manager or [email protected] if you would like this added to one of your flows
  • Available in both production and staging environments
  • Any username/password will be accepted in this demo utility. The entered data will not be stored.
  • No connect data will be shown and no meters will be created upon completion

Staging Test Utility

In the staging environment, a partner has access to the Staging Test Utility for CAISO which allows for testing various Connect API and Meters API statuses and validating their respective integrations.

To get access to this Staging Test Utility reach out to your account manager or [email protected].


This Staging Test Utility is currently only supported in CAISO

When you select the Staging Test Utility from the utility selector menu, you will be presented with a menu of test cases to choose from. Once you click the β€˜Send’ button, the test case will be executed and you can see the resulting statuses on the Connect and/or Meters API/UI. For incomplete connect authorization test cases, you will be presented with an Error message indicating the authorization was not successful. You can 'Confirm' this to exit back to the utility selector screen.

Connect test cases

These allow you to test a variety of Connect authorization scenarios. When initiating the flow, make sure to include a refId URL parameter in order to see these connections in the Connect API & UI.

Meters test cases

These allow you to run through some successful Connect authorizations test cases that result in meters being created in the staging environment with different meter statuses that can be seen in the Meters API & UI.


Actual utility login pages in staging

It is not possible to connect to the utility login pages in the staging environment as the utilities do not provide staging/test environments to connect to. Instead Leap Connect staging flows will redirect to an error page when clicking on the utility.