Customer-Authorized Meters

For regions and programs requiring utility data sharing, Leap makes the Connect suite of tools below available to our partners in order to streamline this process.

Connecting Meters

  • Leap Connect - Recommended for all scenarios in CA & NY

    A web-based tool that allows partners to request customer enrollment agreements and authorizations by embedding a customizable URL within web-, app-, or email-based grid services customer acquisition flows. Leap Connect is available for California and New York programs and allows the customer to select which utility they belong to. Additionally, it collects required demand response and generator agreements if required for that customer class (e.g. commercial) and region (e.g. NY).

  • Direct to Utility (CAISO) - CA residential scenarios when utility is known

    A process supported in California, where partners can connect their customers to Leap by embedding a customizable URL into customer acquisition flows. This sends a customer directly to a utility’s site to enable meter data sharing. This is only applicable for California residential scenarios where the partner already knows which utility the customer belongs to.

Tracking Status & Re-engaging Customers

  • Connect Tab in Portal: the Leap Portal Connect tab shows partners the status of any connection attempt which has been undertaken by your customers. This allows you to follow up directly with customers who have incomplete connections to aid them in completing the process.

  • Connect API: this API provides the same data as the Connect Tab allowing partners to automate Customer Re-engagement campaigns to aid customers in successfully connecting to Leap.

What’s Next