Automating with Leap's Universal API

Quickly build and scale your Leap-powered grid services operations. Our universal API works across regions and programs enabling real-time energy trading, advanced meter management, automated dispatching and more.


The Leap platform connects your distributed energy resources to energy markets to earn revenue while creating a cleaner, more resilient grid.

Why Integrate with Leap

Integrate once, scale to all markets & programs.

Increase Revenue

Generate new revenue in real-time markets and quickly expand to new regions & programs

Reduce OpEx

Scale across markets and programs while automating operational processes

Improve Performance

Ensure accuracy by eliminating missed dispatches & human processing errors

Meter Journey & Use Cases for Automation

Meters are the basic units of inventory providing grid services. Meters represent your end customers and the devices sitting behind the utility meter which will enroll in grid services programs to unlock revenue and support the grid by responding to dispatches.

Below is the journey that meters typically follow as they go from data authorization to active participation on the grid and finally to reporting and monetary settlement. Highlighted under each stage are the relevant automation scenarios and use cases.

OnboardManageBid* & DispatchAnalyze & Settle
Authorize and enroll meters for program participation

Embed Leap Connect into signup workflows & automate re-engagement in CA & NY

Create meters directly for all other markets and programs

Sync and manage meter inventory

Sync meter inventory between Leap platform and partner systems

Manage ongoing meter participation

Actively participate meters in grid events

Leverage Leap Managed Bidding or manage bids directly with the Bid API in CA

Automate dispatching across all programs

Assess performance and revenue

Analyze event performance and interval data

Automate interval data upload for device-level programs

[Coming Soon] Track revenue data with the Settlements API

* Leap offers Managed Bidding to schedule Standing Bids on your behalf

Where to Start - Initial Use Cases

Most partners start with the two use cases below in order to get the most value out of the initial integration:

Making Your First API Call

Check out our Getting Started guide for step-by-step instructions on getting up and running quickly and making your first API call directly within your browser through our API Reference documentation.