Onboard Overview

The first step in your Leap-powered grid services program is to onboard your customer’s devices or utility meters to the Leap platform. This will result in a unique Leap meter ID that will be used going forward to track their program enrollment and participation. There are two ways for these assets to be onboarded and their respective Leap meter IDs to be created:

The customer region and desired program will determine which option is appropriate. See below for more details.

Partner-Created Meters

For regions and programs in the table below, where utility data sharing is not required, partners can directly create meters on the Leap platform by sharing the required enrollment data for each program. For these programs, energy usage interval data needed for performance and settlement calculations is either provided by the ISO (e.g. ERCOT ERS) or is a device-level program where the partner provides this device interval data to Leap (indicated by the Partner-Supplied Interval Data column). The Performance M&V (Measurement & Verification) column indicates where these performance and settlement calculations are performed for each program.

RegionProgramsPerformance M&VPartner-Supplied Interval Data
MACPS, ConnectedSolutionsDevice or Utility MeterYes
TXERSUtility MeterNo


Considerations for Utility Meter vs. Device-level Programs

There are some key differences to be aware of when processing Leap meters for assets in utility meter programs vs. device programs. Check out the Utility Meters vs. Devices guide for more details.

Customer-Authorized Meters

The CAISO and NYISO programs in the table below require that customers authorize utility data sharing via Leap Connect in order to enroll. This data sharing gives Leap access to energy usage interval data in order to calculate event performance and settlements.

RegionProgramsPerformance M&VPartner-Supplied Interval Data
CACapacity/Energy (DRAM, CCA, ENERGY-ONLY), ELRPUtility MeterNo
NYSCR, DLRP, CSRPUtility MeterNo