Initial bids must be placed at least 24 hours before the start of the trading day for Leap’s Pay-as-Bid auction.

Bids are sets of pairs (Price, Capacity) from which a bid curve is constructed. The bid curve is the function of the form Price = F(Capacity) which determines at which price a demand response provider is willing to curtail a certain volume of load.

Example: A storage provider is bidding in capacity. A sample bid for a given hour may have the form shown below:

Price ($/kWh) - Capacity (kW)
0.18 $/kWh - 40 kW
0.24 $/kWh - 80 kW
0.28 $/kWh - 200 kW

According to this bid, the provider is willing to curtail the first 40kW of load for 18 cents per kWh. If a greater volume is needed, the same provider is willing to curtail any amount of energy from zero up to 80 kW at $0.24/kWh, up to 200 kW for $0.28/kWh.

General guidelines
All datetimes must be provided in the UTC timezone

Modifying bids
Bids can be modified by placing a new bid for the same meter/timeslot combination. The previous curve will be completely replaced by the new curve.

Cancelling bids
A bid can be cancelled until the market closes. Cancel a bid by submitting an empty curve for a meter/timeslot combination.

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