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Dispatch Types

Understand the different types of dispatches you could receive from Leap.

There are many conditions that can lead to a dispatch. Each dispatch signal you receive (via API or Email) could represent one or many of these types. Understanding each type helps you create a workflow that fits your system.

Market Awards

When a meter is dispatched based on market activity it receives a market award. This could represent clearing in an energy auction, a call for emergency response by a market operator, or any other market-initiated activity.

In some programs, meters can be put on "Standby" for very small kW quantities. Depending on your technology, you may want to ignore or respond to these instructions. These are sometimes also called "Startup instructions".

Capacity Tests

Many programs require meters to demonstrate the full extent of their capabilities. Depending on the program, capacity tests may be called at the discretion of the market operator or scheduled in advance by Leap.

Note that a dispatch timeslot can be both a Capacity Test and Market Award. When this occurs, Leap will send a single dispatch record combining the requested actions from each dispatch.


  1. California Resource Adequacy programs require pre-scheduled Capacity Tests. Assuming there is not a simultaneous award in the CAISO's energy market, this would represent a pure Capacity Tests.
  2. The NYISO schedules Capacity Tests for Special Case Resources (SCR). Because these are scheduled by the market, they also constitute Market Awards.
  3. Real time market activity in ERCOT can trigger a Market Award for meters in a Retailer's Hedge program.