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Dispatch Notifications

Set up your portfolio for automated response to dispatch events.

Learn how to send yourself test notifications, and handle edge cases like cancellation and modification.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are a good way to automate dispatch ingestion and scheduling. Rather than polling the API for new dispatches, use a webhook to receive new messages as soon as they are available.

Visit the Quickstart Guide to learn how to send yourself a test notification.

Notification Process

  • New dispatches are sent as soon as they are available. Depending on the market context, a dispatch could be sent days in advance or seconds before the start time.
  • Modified dispatches in most markets, modifications are rare. When ingesting a dispatch, be prepared to modify an existing record based on the Meter or Market Group ID, Start Time, Market Type, and Test Event.
  • Cancelled dispatches are denoted via the cancelled boolean field.