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Set up your portfolio for automated response to dispatch events.

Dispatches are discrete requests for grid services from the Leap platform to your inventory. A dispatch can originate from an energy market award, capacity test, or emergency response signal.

Effectively responding to dispatches is essential to achieving revenue potential.

Dispatch Structure

A dispatch has two top-level components:

  • Recipient: the Meter or Group responsible for responding to the dispatch over the time period.
  • Timeslot: the dispatch interval. Includes information about the service required during the timeslot.

Meter or Market Group

Dispatches are available at multiple "levels".

LevelDescriptionUse Case
MeterDescribe the response required from each individual site.When each system/device is dispatched individually.
GroupProvide dispatch requirements aggregated across many metersWhen dispatching a pre-configured portfolio of assets.

Note: When dispatching by Group, you must keep your internal portfolio in-sync with Leap. Use the market_group_id in the Meter API to guide the provisioning process in your system.


A timeslot describes the details of a dispatch. It includes the start and end time, quantity, and important metadata.

"meter_id": "afce893d-ea68-487f-9f8c-778b1881f60a",
"timeslots": [
"start_time": "2021-06-02T00:00:00Z",
"end_time": "2021-06-02T01:00:00Z",
"test_event": false,
"energy_kw": 4,
"market_type": "day-ahead",
"cancelled": false